Research Triangle Park, NC · March 19th, 2014

Alex Nedelcu, a thought leader in JMV server-side development with over 15 years experience, has joined Eloquentix as a Software Architect focusing on Scala.

Nedelcu previously worked with Epigrams, where he single-handedly built large scale Java and Scala based systems that handled over 35,000 transactions per second. His skills with large data systems make him a perfect fit for the renewable energy problems that Eloquentix is solving today.

“In 2013, Eloquentix went head first into the green energy space, working with Organic Transit, Sustainable Industrial Solutions and E.ON,” said Radu Rosu, Founder and CEO of Eloquentix. “These projects are data rich and require a high level of expertise in order to quickly design and implement rock solid solutions. Alex’s experience and patience to understand business needs will serve our clients very well.”

“I’m excited to begin working with the amazing team at Eloquentix and to help apply big data solutions to energy conservation,” said Alex Nedelcu.

Eloquentix will also be a proud sponsor of the upcoming Paradoxos festival in Durham, April 10-12.