Shoeboxed is an expansion stage startup company that is used by over 800,000 businesses across the world to scan & organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, track mileage and more.

Shoeboxed has been using Eloquentix to add talented developers to their team since 2008. Eloquentix developers have gone through every startup growing pain and scaling issue that Shoeboxed has encountered during that time. In the end, the growth was exponential. Since 2008 Shoeboxed has grown by over 2000%.

— Taylor Mingos · CEO ShoeboxedWe consider our Eloquentix developers as much a part of the Shoeboxed team as their American counterparts. We have relied on them not only for their coding experience, but for their ability to help us solve a range of technology problems that we have experienced while scaling.

Eloquentix developers who are teamed with Shoeboxed work hand in hand as equals with Shoeboxed inhouse developers. They participate in the same sprints, daily scrums, and planning sessions. Their collaboration has allowed Shoeboxed to create a more responsive and efficient sprint cycle.

I don't see the time difference as a problem. If anything it has allowed us to create a longer and more responsive work cycle. — Taylor Mingos · CEO Shoeboxed

There is an open line of communication between Shoeboxed and Eloquentix that fosters a culture of continued growth. This has allowed developers to contribute not just code, but the kinds of ideas that help build a great company.

In addition to adding cultural diversity, the experience that the Eloquentix developers bring to the table with regards to internationalization has been instrumental to the growth at Shoeboxed across the globe.

“There's a culture of continuous improvement that has grown between us. Most of my business sense, team leadership, and communication skills I've learned while working with Shoeboxed. Obviously, Eloquentix made this happen, but before Sbx I was just another annoying developer.” Dorel
“Communication is the key. For example, feature X needs code changes on the backend as well as the frontend. I sketch out some API endpoints on the backend that Peter, my American counterpart, can call from the frontend. If something is amiss, we iterate. There is a constant flow of communication” Ionut

We have been able to create a lasting relationship with Shoeboxed because our developers are more than hired hands. They are part of the Shoeboxed team and they care about the entirety of the Shoeboxed platform. Their international skillset paired with their ability to communicate fluidly with their counterparts has been vital to the growth of the company over the past 8 years.

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